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After a few years of relative obscurity, in April 2010, Halliwell announced that she had started working on new music.

See the book for more, including my citrus bread and butter pudding; peach and almond crumble, and chocolate fondue. ‘Carrot top’, ‘ginger minger’, ‘ginger nut’, ‘ging-er’, ‘ginge’ – those lucky enough to be graced with red hair will know these bonus namesakes all too well.There’s a stigma that comes with being ‘a ginger’ (or strawberry blonde, as I prefer to say) and we all know it.Not only do redheads exude that extra ginger je ne sais quoi, but they’ll never go unnoticed. They don’t go grey They go strawberry blonde or silvery white. I would rather date a head-turner than a wallflower, and if a crown of flaming hair is the reason, all the better.

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If Coleen does, in fact, do all the household chores, it must be extremely time-consuming.

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