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I think it’s a bit of an overkill for most use cases.

Taken from Paul Warren’s page on the RFC822 Perl module: I generally avoid this sort of coding, but it will work in a pinch.

To do this I have to use the following criteria: •The email address must start with a letter (no numbers or symbols) •There must be an @ somewhere in the string that is located BEFORE the dot •There must be text after the @ symbol but BEFORE the dot •There must be a dot •There must be text after the dot I have started the program..I cannot figure out how to use correctly. I understand your sentiment, but while you may be helping some people by giving them code, those that learn nothing are actually being hindered.

If this is for business, you will have to consider what exactly you are trying to accomplish.

Is it just to make sure that the user inputs something other than rubbish?

Validating email addresses using regular expressions can be daunting, especially if you read articles like the RFC 822.

The best regex I’ve found so far was on Stack Overflow, and it can be implemented easily: regex for email addresses is ridiculously long, and looks like some alien language rather than a useful code.

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