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LDshadowlady started Crazycraft 3.0 and invited several friends.

In the series, each player may use creative mode to build their houses and have fun exploring doing quests, and pranking their neighbors.

Players may also invite others to special events and competitions. The private server contains several mods and opportunities for the players.

On the server, Lizzie's house is built to resemble a Disney castle.

She began dating You Tube gamer Joel Smallishbeans.

They appear in a number of challenge videos together.

She also is dating fellow British gaming You Tuber, Smallish Beans.

(Joel) She met him at a gaming convention (Game Fest) and was "wooed" by his dancing skills LDShadow Lady's hair has been a popular icon for the channel due to the colour.

The Pixel Pact consists of Vengelfe (aka Annie), Yammy_xox (aka Yammy), Mitty Moxx (aka Mitty), Nyan Strike (previously known as Kayurita or Kat), Elleanora (aka Nora) and herself as well as affilate members: Laurenzside (aka Lauren), Kaleidow (aka Angie). In which Some of her friends came and joined the server. While in the meantime, they have competitions and such. The first one to discontinue the server was Lizzie, or so people believe.She has accumulated over 3.2 million You Tube subscribers.Her sister Maddie runs the You Tube channel Microglitching.She posted a video titled "The Animal Challenge with Joey Graceffa" in July of 2014. (born October 7th 1992) known on You Tube as LDShadow Lady is a British female gamer who is popular for her Minecraft gameplays.

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She has accompanied Stacy in many Minecraft series and are very good friends.

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