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So, all you fans out there let us take a moment to discuss the personal and professional life of the handsome actor.

Seems like at the moment, our favourite star is notthinking about falling in love or dating someone as we have not found any rumors regarding his affairs.

Unfortunately, their relation lasted only for two months.

Ashlee soon moved on in her life and married to Evan Ross.

She was born on the 7th of November, 1987 in Arizona, United States of America as the eldest of two daughters born to father Kris Smith and mother Tracy.

Growing up as a kid, she had always dreamt of becoming an actress and for that, worked really hard throughout her young life.

fans’ desires, but IRL he keeps his love life on the DL.

We only know about a few girls he has actually dated in his long-time Hollywood career, but, as with most celebs, there are a good amount of gals he has “dated.” You see what we’re saying?

Mi LLENNIAL caught up with Rachele to learn how she broke through the iron door of Hollywood and how she is using her success to fuel positive initiatives.

I grew up in Phoenix, Arizona and was a very competitive (and pretty stressed out) gymnast before getting into entertainment.

After breaking my hand during one of the best competitions of my life (and having to have surgery on it), I began to realize how truly unhappy I was, and even though it was ridiculously hard, and seemed almost impossible at the time to quit, I eventually did find the strength to do so.

Rachele Brooke Smith is an actress who landed the role of a lifetime.

She quickly made a name for herself and is now on a booking streak.

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