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He also probs is the reason Justin and Britney broke up. Why he's significant: Apparently they were working on new music for Britney's album and it turned into something more. Who is he: He was a backup dancer for Britney and choreographed one of her tours. Why he's significant: He's significant because he was an early warning sign that Britney had a fetish for backup dancers. When they dated: They got married in Vegas for 55 hours. Why he's significant: He provided the literal seed for Britney's two biggest joys, her children. Why he's significant: Because isn't this random?!?! Who is he: A magician with really aggressive style.

so even if this is accurate, obviously it doesn't mean she couldn't have grown a real, true love for Brad.While Brad and Angie's romance began on the set of Mr. Smith back in 2004, the stunning actress has a list of ex-lovers that includes Billy Bob Thornton, Colin Farrell, and model/actress Jenny Shimizu, whom she worked with on the movie Foxfire in 1996.Keep reading to see who Angelina has loved (and lost) over the years.All of his danger and talent supposedly got her panties so wet, it's said that she would even send him naughty voicemails and video!! Every week they were sleeping together, with her feelings for him growing stronger and stronger.

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Hollywood's ultimate bad boy and general Irish heartbreaker-of-the world, Colin Farrell, has been spotted out with a new mystery lady on his arm.

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